Founded in 1972, the Latino Center of Art and Culture is a multi-disciplinary cultural center offering Latinx programming, art education workshops, and a community gathering space.

LCAC is a center of cultural pride, self-governance, self-expression, and community empowerment through the arts.

"Quisieron enterrarnos, pero no sabían que éramos semillas"


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Sacramento Artist Corps

Live Programs

Provisional schedule and details for our 2024 live events.

City of Altars

The Latino Center, in partnership with The Sojourner Truth Center, Taller Arte Nuevo Amanecer (TANA), Sol Collective, and the Washington Neighborhood Center presents City of Altars, an altar making program in collaboration with local artists.

Calendar of Events

10/19 Legados y Futuros
The Washington Neighborhood Center

10/21 Souls of the City
Sol Collective

10/28 Día de Muertos
Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer (TANA)

11/3-11/5 El Panteón de Sacramento
The Latino Center of Art & Culture

12/29-12/30 Kwanzaa Festival of Life, Community, & Culture
Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum


Washington Neighborhood Center
10/1 Candle Holder Making Workshop @ 3pm
10/15 Sugar Skull Making Workshop @ 3pm
Location: 400 16th Street Sacramento, CA

The Latino Center of Art & Culture
10/06 Flower Crown Workshop @ 6pm
10/14 Community Altar Day @ 10am
10/28 Altares de México @ 4pm
Location: 2700 Front Street Sacramento, CA

Sol Collective
10/7 Community Art Day @ 11am
10/8 Mini Altar Workshop @ 11am
10/14 Block Printing Workshop @ 11am
Location: 2574 21st Street, Sacramento, CA

Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer (TANA)
10/10 Día de los Muertos Poetry Workshop @ 4:30pm
10/17 Altar Making & Sugar Skull Workshop @4:30pm
Location: 1224 Lemen Ave, Woodland, CA

Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum
12/26 Master Workshop @ 12pm
Location: 2251 Florin Rd #126, Sacramento, CA

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This Activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a State agency.

Cultura es Fuerza

The Cohort

Are you a youth between 15-22 years old, interested in learning traditional dances from Mexico?

The Latino Center of Art & Culture will be teaching traditional dances from Mexico, their meaning, significance and historical context, culture, Spanish language skills, and practical life skills to 20 youth this year through our youth program Cultura es Fuerza.
Cultura es Fuerza develops youth leadership skills to strengthen positive and community identity.
The selected participants will attend 36 classes between March and November, and will perform during the summer and the fall. Class instruction will be given in Spanish, with translation for those who speak little or no Spanish. Our approach to teaching is experiential and the participants will learn by doing.

Interested in joining?
Fill out the March - November 2024 INTEREST FORM

March - November 2024

Día del Niño

Día del Niño

El Día del Niño is celebrated every April 30th in Mexico. During WWI many children were left vulnerable around the world. This celebration was created after the Declaration of Rights of the Child which was adopted on the 26th of November, 1925, by the League of Nations after recognizing that all children are left vulnerable after a war.

Save the date for our 10th Annual Día del Niño
This cherished tradition recognizes the importance of children in our community by promoting their well-being and celebrating their joy and innocence. On April 28th, we will bring the elements that support the whole child, honor our heritage, and amplify the joy of childhood by featuring family-oriented activities, arts and crafts, cultural games, and a resource fair, for free.

Aparta la fecha para nuestro 10º Aniversario del Día del Niño
Esta tradición apreciada reconoce la importancia de los niños en nuestra comunidad promoviendo su bienestar y celebrando su alegría e inocencia. El 28 de abril, reuniremos los elementos que apoyan al niño en su totalidad, honraremos nuestra herencia y amplificaremos la alegría de su infancia mediante actividades familiares, artes y manualidades, juegos culturales, y una feria de recursos, gratuitamente.

Sun Apr 28

11am to 3pm

Frida Tardeada & Night Market

Frida Tardeada & Night Market

The Latino Center will celebrate the vibrant spirit of Frida Kahlo and the powerful essence of culture at this unique fundraising event, combining the theme of "Fiesta de Frida" and our youth program Cultura es Fuerza. Fiesta de Frida has been a longstanding event bringing vendors, music, food, look-alike contests, and more youth activities honoring the famous

This year, we will be hosting a Tardeada which translates to “afternoon event” as we escape the Sacramento heat with a night market. All proceeds raised will go towards the Cultura es Fuerza program. Cultura es Fuerza is mentoring twenty youth, ages 15-22, and teaching them traditional dances from Mexico, their significance and historical context, culture, Spanish language skills, and practical life skills, for free. Additionally, all youth receive a $400 stipend to support their artistic development after the program finishes.

Save the date and join us on Saturday July 27th from 5:30pm-10:00pm!

Get your tickets now at!

Sat Jul 27

1pm to 10pm

2700 Front Street

Sacramento , CA 95624

Las Pastorelas de Sacramento

A Pastorela in Sacramento

The Latino Center of Art and Culture, presents the 11th annual Pastorela celebration Las Pastorelas in Sacramento hosted by Casa de Español. The original "A Pastorela in Sacramento" play was written in 2014 by Manuel Pickett and Marie Acosta, a popular holiday musical for kids and adults alike. This Pastorela is a clear-eyed example of political theater mixed with cultural traditions mixed with hope and holiday spirit. This year there will be multiple Pastorela adaptations showcased throughout the event.

A Pastorela in Sacramento is a modern bilingual musical of Mexico’s traditional Christmas pageant. Satirical, poignant, moralistic, sly and romantic, with contemporary and timeless subject matter. La Pastorela de Sacramento draws directly from current affairs in the best tradition of magical realism. The Latino Center of Art & Culture showcases talented local artists offering Sacramento a musical perfect for the spirit of the season. The transformation of contemporary recognizable figures into four "shepherds" is a new twist.

Brought outdoors to Casa de Español, we are committed to bringing teatro back to the community! Enjoy traditional food, song, performance and stop by to support artisanal vendors!

More details coming soon!

Sat Dec 16

1pm to 5pm

Oaxaca en Sacramento

The Latino Center of Art and Culture is proud to announce our 3rd annual Oaxaca en Sacramento: Honoring the Mondays of the Hill. This event commemorates the Oaxacan indigenous celebration of community love known as “La Guelaguetza.” Guelaguetza is an indigenous tradition that has been preserved for over 500 years. It has pre-hispanic roots where ancient Zapotecs made offerings to the agricultural gods as appreciation for their harvest, at a hill known as el Cerro de Bella Vista. Guelaguetza makes reference to cooperation and reciprocity, a culture of community sharing and reciprocal exchange of gifts that creates strong bonds between the eight diverse regions across the state of Oaxaca.

The programming for Oaxaca en Sacramento will consist of presentations from dance groups of the 8 regions of Oaxaca (Los Valles Centrales, Cañada, Tuxtepec, Mixteca, Costa, Sierra Sur, Sierra Norte and Istmo de Tehuantepec) and will also include Oaxacan food vendors and handicrafts.

This program is part of the Latino Center’s ongoing commitment to co-create programming with community members. This year’s Oaxaca en Sacramento event was organized by a steering committee of community leaders alongside Latino Center board members. Part of our mission to elevate and honor the voices of our Latine community is to also give community members a say in how our programs are produced.

The celebration of Oaxaca en Sacramento will take place at the Latino Center (2700 Front Street Sacramento California 95818) on August 18,2023.

More details coming soon!

Sun Aug 18

10am to 4pm

2700 Front St.

Sacramento , CA 95818

Zine Fest

We're enthusiastic to share with you our first Zine Fest at the Latino Center of Art and Culture! It's to happen on Sunday, May 19th at 2700 Front St. in Sacramento. The LCAC Zine Fest will be a one-day event focusing on accessible art, and art for the people and the culture surrounding these communities. It will be a comprehensive event where commerce is one of multiple forms of engagement; an event that foregrounds creativity, sharing, and community building.

LCAC Zine Fest encourages local, and beyond zinesters, zine distros/collectives, printmakers, comic creators, DIY artists, and community organizations to apply! We will pay special attention to BIPOC, AAPI, queer, neurodivergent, or have disabilities , and other communities of marginalized creatives to offer platforms for engagement and dialogue.

It's open to the full spectrum of printmaking techniques like woodcuts, screenprints, risographs, etching, and lithographs. Please, printmakers only, no digital printing/giclée's.

We are seeking zines, zine-based projects, materials that emphasize a dedication to independent and DIY publishing, book arts, buttons, and like items!

Sign up here!

We are a safe space, we will not tolerate racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and all other forms of discrimination, theft of money or property, or causing vendors, participants, or attendees to feel distressed or unsafe. This policy extends to materials presented by LCAC Zine Fest participants.

Sun May 19


El Panteón de Sacramento 2024

El Panteón de Sacramento 2024

The centuries-old tradition of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) will be celebrated this year on the grounds of the Latino Center of Art and Culture. This annual LCAC event, El Panteón de Sacramento, features live dance and music. And dozens of traditional memorials will be created by families and friends to honor those who have passed, telling the stories of their departed loved ones. These colorful ofrendas are adorned with sugar skulls, food and drink once enjoyed by the departed, flowers and personal mementos. Bathed in the light of the moon during evening hours and filled with drifting fragrances of copal and cempasuchil, the bright marigolds considered the flowers of the dead, El Panteón is not only a place of remembrance, but a joyous celebration of our loved ones.

El Panteón will have free off-site parking a few blocks away at 2300 Front St. We strongly recommend carpooling or using a rideshare app. The Center is also just a short bike or scooter ride from Midtown Sac. We will have a dropoff area in front for anyone coming via ridesharing app, or anyone else in need. We will also have limited handicapped parking close to the entrance, please bring your placard if you plan to use the handicapped parking. **

Join us for El Panteón de Sacramento and stay tuned for more information by following us on social media:

If you have any questions email our Vendor/Volunteer coordinator at

November 1-3, 2024 Times TBD

2700 Front St.

Sacramento , CA 95818