Founded in 1972, the Latino Center of Art and Culture is a multi-disciplinary cultural center offering Latinx programming, art education workshops, and a community gathering space.

LCAC is a center of cultural pride, self-governance, self-expression, and community empowerment through the arts.

"Quisieron enterrarnos, pero no sabían que éramos semillas"

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Día del Niño (Live-Stream)

Día del Niño (Live-Stream)

El Día del Niño is celebrated every April 30th in Mexico. During WWI many children were left vulnerable around the world. This celebration was created after the Declaration of Rights of the Child which was adopted on the 26th of November, 1925, by the League of Nations after recognizing that all children are left vulnerable after a war.

The Latino Center of Art and Culture is celebrating our 7th annual Día del Niño on Sunday, April 25, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This year we are featuring Mexico City’s puppet troop las Marionetas de la Esquina and their amazing show el Circo! It will be performed 4 times throughout the day, twice in English and twice in Spanish.

We will also present an Aztec dance by Kalpulli Itzkuauhtli Danza Azteka, an art demonstration by Lila Solorzano Rivera, and a show by Dilly Dally the clown.
This year’s event will be held virtually, live-streamed on Facebook.

10am: Welcome introduction with Teresa Lerma-Garcia
10:30am: El Circo (English)
11:15am: Kalpulli Itzkuauhtli Danza Azteka
11:30am: El Circo (Spanish)
12:15pm: Intermission with LCAC updates and tour of the center
12:30: Art demo by Lila Solorzano Rivera
1pm: El Circo (English)
1:45pm: Dilly Dally the Clown

Sun Apr 25

10am to 2pm

Mercado de Frida

¡Mercado de Frida!

The Latino Center of Art & Culture is pleased to announce The 7th Annual ¡Mercado de Frida! on Sunday, June 27, 2021. (Limited free parking on site)

This popular free event is a day to honor the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and celebrate not only her work but also her iconic status for female empowerment. As the pandemic condition has begun to improve in Sacramento, the LCAC would like to provide a mercado for to 30 local artisan and food vendors. Setting the ambiance there will be authentic Mexican food, drink, with live music. Jarritos served in a clay pot glass, and beer and wine will be available to those over 21 with ID.

The hugely popular centerpiece activity of the evening is the Parade de Frida, showing off all the look-a-likes who come dressed as the famous artist, with emcee LCAC Board Member Beatriz Navarro.

Featured in this daytime event will be a solo performance by Ashwut Rodriguez, a Sacramento area-based guitarist with over 30 years of experience writing, recording and performing music. And DJ Fuego, Hear Him live for the Fuego night mix from -8pm and on Air From 7-10 pm, Monday - Friday. (

And please check out the gallery space to see our exhibition of handmade Mexican masks from different regions of Mexico. The gallery was curated by our very own local artist Raul Mejia.


12:00-12:15 pm Welcome and Frida Mercado Open
12:15-2:15 pm Aswut Rodriguez
3:00-4:00 pm Frida Parade
5:00-7:00 pm Pachanga

Sun Jun 27

12pm to 8pm

2700 Front St.

Sacramento, CA 95818

El Panteón de Sacramento

El Panteón de Sacramento

The 11th annual Panteón de Sacramento will live on! This year it has been re-imagined as A Moonlit Slow Drive-Through Remembrance held at The Latino Center of Art & Culture (LCAC), 2700 Front St., Sacramento.

Remember this year will be a drive-through celebration so all visitors must attend in cars.

We expect this will be a powerful year to remember and celebrate those who have passed. We are very excited to keep our tradition alive. We look forward to seeing you all there.

RSVP using the Eventbrite link for the corresponding day.

THURSDAY: 5pm-10pm
FRIDAY: 5pm-11pm
SATURDAY: 5pm-11pm
SUNDAY: 5 pm-10pm

Thu Oct 29

5pm to 11pm

2700 Front St.

Sacramento , CA 95818

Homenaje a La Virgen de Tepeyac

Homenaje a La Virgen de Tepeyac

2020 cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions

An outdoor installation of the apparition of La Virgen de Guadalupe, featuring a life-size statue brought from Mexico for this occasion.

According to accounts published in both Nahuatl and Spanish in the 1600s, on December 12, 1531, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe appeared to an indigenous peasant, Juan Diego, on a slope in the outskirts of Tepeyac. She requested that a church be built in her honor and sent Juan Diego to carry her message to the Spanish bishops. She appeared to him four times. Each time he sought audience with the bishops but they did not believe him. On his last visit with the bishops in Mexico City, he opened his cape and roses fell to the ground revealing the image of La Virgen de Guadalupe.

It is also told, that at this place, the Indians living in the area of Tepeyac had a temple dedicated to the mother of the gods, whom they called Tonantzin, which means Our Mother. The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is of a woman with brown skin.

La Virgin has since been an important icon in Mexico’s struggle for freedom and as a patriotic symbol. In the United States banners with her image led marches by Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers. On the days leading up to December 12, people begin a pilgrimage to the Basilica de Guadalupe in Tepeyac to pay homage to La Virgen. Many make their way on their knees, carrying candles, images, flags, and illustrations of her likeness to give thanks and honor the Queen of Mexico.

The public is welcome to bring flowers, social distancing and masks required.
Parking available on site.


2700 Front St.

Sacramento, CA 95818

La Pastorela

La Pastorela de Sacramento

This year we had to cancel our live performances of La Pastorela 2021. We rewrote and staged it as a digital production that can be seen on our site as part of our Digital Programs.

A modern bilingual musical based on Mexico’s traditional Christmas pageant. Satirical, poignant, moralistic, sly, and romantic, with contemporary and timeless subject matter. La Pastorela draws directly from current affairs in the best tradition of magical realism, The Latino Center of Art & Culture (LCAC) offers Sacramento a musical perfect for the spirit of the season.

Coming December 2021

Sacramento, CA